The Benefits of Multi-Line Pipeline Construction in a Common Right of Way

When constructing multiple pipelines in the same geographical area, a conversation often arises around the logistics between building them separately or in a common ditch or corridor. The answer to this often depends on various project specifications such as route, corridor size or the complexity of handling multiple pipelines in a confined area. In this article, we will focus on pipeline construction and the benefits of utilizing a common trench or Right of Way (ROW) for multi-line pipeline construction in the Canadian Energy industry.

As it is with most projects, a key deciding factor is economics. If there is an opportunity to align the ROW of two or more pipelines, even if it is for only a portion of the overall distance, there will be inherent cost-savings associated with that combination. The process of concentrating pipeline installation in common trenches or ROW’s decreases the cost per pipe, per meter installed and increases overall efficiency. Furthermore, by increasing ease of asset access, a common trench enables the optimization of construction schedules and future savings on maintenance and integrity programs.

Looking at pipeline construction from an environmental perspective, a common ditch dramatically reduces the project’s footprint. As pipelines frequently transport gas or liquids through remote areas, constructing ROW’s results in a temporary impact on the surrounding habitat. Installing multiple pipelines in the same corridor reduces the ratio of corridor width to pipes installed and preserves valuable habitat, farmland, water, and forestry resources. Minimization of land usage further serves to streamline regulatory and stakeholder approval and demonstrates excellence in environmental stewardship.

Ultimately, pipeline construction strategies are a multi-faceted decision-making process driven by owner priorities. As a Northeast BC Gas and Oil Contractor, SureLine supports pipeline construction projects of any length. Combining our extensive experience executing projects of different size and scope with our detailed project management programs, we provide expertise to ensure each project is delivered safely, on time, within budget and with lasting quality.

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