Our Approach | SureLine Projects is an emerging pipeline & facility construction contractor servicing the North-East British Columbia & North-West Alberta. Maintenance & capital projects. Facility Construction and Well Pads. Safety, Quality and Environmental stewardship.

At SureLine, our differentiation strategy is our commitment to say what we mean and do what we say. Through consistent monitoring and market evaluations, we execute strategies that keep us competitive without sacrificing our core values of integrity, loyalty, and community. As a diverse company, our transparent and cooperative capacity is the cornerstone of our business and strengthens our ability to provide value to our clients.

With strong local connections between management teams, clients, and field personnel built on previous multi-year partnerships, we provide a one-stop-shop experience. At SureLine, our clients and employees have ready access to our management and support teams, enabling collaborative, informed decision-making early in our projects to maximize value and facilitate project success. We manage projects with opportunities for efficiencies in constructibility, budget, and scheduling while maintaining regional and industry best practice standards to deliver first-in-class solutions.